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Domain  Name Transfer

Check Domain Availability here


TLD Register Price Renewal Price Transfer Price  
.com Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62  
.net Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62  
.org Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62  
.info Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62  
.biz Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62 Rs. 500/- USD 11.62  
.in Rs. 850/- USD 19.76 Rs. 850/- USD 19.76 Rs. 850/- USD 19.76 Rs. 750/- USD 11.62 Rs. 750/- USD 17.44 Rs. 750/- USD 17.44  

Domain  Name Transfer

The Domain Transfer service enables you to transfer your Domain Name from any other Domain Registrar to PushtiDomains. During the Domain transfer process, your website will continue to function without any problem or interruption. In addition, we will extend your Registration term from its present expiry date!

Want to transfer your domain name to PushtiWebIndia.Com as your domain registrar?
  • You already have a domain that you registered somewhere else and you want to move the domain itself physically to us and get hosting to keep everything in on place?

  • Write us on  the domain you want to transfer to us

  • Please make sure the admin contact email is an active email because an email will be sent to this email to approve the transfer. You can find out that email this is by doing a WHOIS HERE If that is not a current email please go to where you registered the domain and update it.

  • If you ask, the domain still has 6 months or 2 years left before it expires, will I lose those? the answer is NO you will not, when you do this transfer it will add one year on TOP of the current expiration date! So just add one year to when it expires now!

  • Once you have processed this look out for an email, approve it and just wait it out about 24-48 hours for the whole process to occur, if you already approved the email and you login into your domain control panel and you see the process is not complete, contact your registrar and ask them why they haven't released it.

  • Meanwhile all this is happening feel free to buy your hosting plan and upload all your files to the server. Remember once you order hosting you have immediate access to the server via the server's hostname.

  • If you don't want to move your domain to us, you don't have to. All you have to do is modify your DNS follow the steps above. But remember that your domain will expire at some point so it is wiser to add years to the domain and not wait until the last minute and risk losing your domain!

  • FREE! 1 Year Extension Included. We will add one year to the current expiry date of your domain name for no additional cost. For example, if your domain expires on 5th Nov 2006 and you place a Transfer request on 17th Sept 2006 then after the transfer is complete, the new expiry date of your domain name will be 5th Nov 2007 i.e. you will not lose anytime even if you choose to transfer months before your domains expiry date.

  • All Transfers are Risk-Free. If for any reason, your domain transfer fails or is cancelled, we will instantly credit your customer advance account with the complete amount that you paid for such transfer, no questions asked.

  • All Transfers are Seamless. Your domain name's name servers are not altered anytime during the transfer process, hence your domain will not face ANY downtime during this process.

  • Once the transfer order is placed, the administrative contact of each domain name for which you have placed a transfer request will receive an email, which asks for confirmation of such transfer. You would need to click on a link inside each of these emails for the transfer request to be sent to the registry. The losing registrar in almost all cases will send you emails asking for confirmation per domain name - you can typically choose to ignore these emails.


  • If your domain expired with your old Registrar, and you renewed it with them, then do not Transfer it within 45 days of the previous expiry date since it will not add 1 more year to your domain name, and you will lose out on the Renewal fees paid to the older Registrar.

  • ICANN & Registry regulations prohibit the transfer of domain names that have been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 Days. Please wait for 60 days from the date of registration or previous transfer before applying for a transfer of such domain names.


If you already bought a domain name and want to host with us:
  • First step is you establish a web hosting account with us. Start by ordering any of our premium web hosting plans.

  • After your payment is verified you will get your setup email soon. In there will be all your usernames / passwords that grant you access to the server via your assigned server hostname. Proceed to upload your files to the server via the server's hostname. MAKE SURE YOU PUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR DOMAIN FOLDER and MAKE SURE YOU RENAME YOUR HOMEPAGE "index.html" ALL LOWER CASE. Then use the temporary link provided in the email to view your site.

  • Once you have everything verified go to the place where you originally registered your domain (your registrar).

  • In your setup email(s) there will be a pair of DNS or Name servers. Use those DNS to change them for your domain. If you don't have a domain control panel (that is where you usually can do these changes) please email your registrar or call them and tell them to change your name servers to those provided to you in your setup email from us.

  • After the DNS changes has been made your domain will now begin to point to your server with ManasHosting. This will take 24-72 hours to resolve along the whole world as every ISP updates their DNS at different times.

  • If after 48 hours you can not access your domain via please do a whois on your domain HERE make sure your name servers show up as those provided in your setup email. If they do not call your register right away to get it corrected!




Expand your business, Open your website now and insert all your content to your website so rest of the world can view your valuable information, Product Catalog, New Product Arrivals, News etc about your company. Internet Identity is about creating, protecting and promoting brand for an individual company or organization on the net.'s Internet Identity Division provides cutting edge technical, legal services required by a DotCom company at an affordable cost. Then Register your Domain Now.

What is Domain Name ?

A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers connected to the Internet. No two organizations can have the same domain name. A domain name always contains two or more components separated by periods, called "dots".Register your domain to distinguish yourself and promote your business.

Here is the few reasons of why you get Domain Name:

  • You would like a domain to reflect your personality.

  • You want to keep up with current market trend.

  • Because your competitors have one.

  • You want your customers sitting in USA to get a feel of your Business.

  • You want to give better service to your customers.

  • Your company has registered trademark or brand names.

  • You want to give complete information of the company.

  • Register Your Domain Here

Some of the common Top Level Domain Names with their significance are :

  • .COM is for commercial, for-profit people and organizations.

  • .EDU is for 4-year, degree granting colleges/universities. (schools, libraries, and museums should register under country domains)

  • .GOV is for United States federal government agencies. (state and local governments register should register under country domains)

  • .NET is for network infrastructure machines and organizations.

  • .ORG is for miscellaneous, usually non-profit, organizations. ( for use by organizations and individuals that do not clearly fit in any of the above )

  • Register Your Domain Here


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