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Pushtiwebindia.Com offers affordable & reliable web hosting on

- Ultra-Fast Dual Quad Xeon (16 CPU) Clovertown Servers

- Located at World Class Data Centers in Chicago, USA

- CentOS 5.3 Enterprise Linux Environment

- 1000 MBPS Tier-1 connection to the Internet backbone

- Latest cPanel 11 ver. X3 Control Panel

- Guaranteed 99.9% uptime assurance

Linux Web Hosting Plans Comparison


Features: Starter Bronze Silver Gold
DISK SPACE [GB] 1 2.5 5 10
DATA / MONTH [GB] 10 25 50 100
POP3 EMAIL BOXES 10 25 50 100
SUB DOMAINS 2 5 10 20
FTP ACCOUNTS 2 5 10 20
MySQL DATABASE 2 5 10 20

PRICE / YEAR [ Rupees]

1 Year Billing

5000.00 7000.00 9000.00 12000.00

PRICE / YEAR [ Rupees]

2 Year Billing

9500.00 13500.00 23000.00 23000.00
What's Included ?

Control Panel


Every hosting plan comes with it's own control panel that you will be given access to. It is from this control panel that you'll be able to do such things as setup your email accounts, setup MySQL databases, view your visitor statistics, and a whole lot more.

You can access your control panel directly from your browser, or any other browser (i.e. you do not have to be at your computer to access it... you can be at someone else's long as you have access to the internet, you can access your control panel).


Site Management Tools


File Manager : Allows you to manage your site through HTML, rather than an FTP tool or other 3rd party application.
Index Manager : Allows you to control how directories on your website are displayed.
Directory Protection : You can protect certain directories within your account so that browsers will need a password to gain access.
Domain Manager : Setup Sub Domains from your control panel.
FTP Manager : Setup and manage multiple FTP accounts.
Manage Redirects : Allows you to re-direct internet traffic from one web page to another.
FrontPage Extensions : Latest FrontPage extensions are fully supported.
IP Deny Manager : Block ranges of IP addresses to prevent them from accessing your site.
Database Manager : Setup and manage your MySQL databases.
PHP MyAdmin : Edit your MySQL databases.
Disk Usage Viewer : Details the storage space usage in your account.

Email Management Tools


Web Mail : Access your Email from any computer on the net.
POP3 and IMAP : Use Email Clients like Outlook Express to send and receive your emails.
SMTP : Use our SMTP server to send your mail.
Email Forwarders : Sometimes called email aliases. Re-direct incoming email to other email accounts.
Auto Responders : Automatic preset responses to incoming emails.
Email Filters : Setup your own spam blocking system.
Mailing Lists : Create active community email mailing lists.
Spam Assassin : Helps manage your incoming spam.
Modify MX Entry : Allows you to host your email elsewhere.
Email Address Tracing : Find out where an email address originates from.

CGI/PHP Scripts and Management


Scripting Languages : PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, C/C++, SSI, FrontPage, JavaScript.
CGI Center : Several useful scripts that can be used in your web design. Currently includes - Simple CGI Wrapper, Random HTML, Simple Guestbook, Advanced Guestbook, Counter, Clock, Countdown, CGI Email, FormMail Clone, Entropy Search, Entropy Banner.
Shopping Carts : Agora Cart, Interchange Shopping Cart.
Forum/BBS : Full featured chat room.

Analysis and Log Files


Custom Error Pages : Create custom error pages for 400, 401, 403, 404, 500 errors.
Raw Access Logs : Download raw access logs for your own analysis.
Raw Log Manager : Manage where/when your raw access logs are archived.
Web / FTP Statistics : Analyze your site statistics, how/where your visitors are finding you. Includes Webalizer web stats.


Advanced Tools


Network Tools : Perform Trace-routes and Domain Name lookups.
Backup : Restore a previously backed-up copy of your website (we perform automatic daily backups of all accounts on all our servers).
Cron Jobs : Setup your own cron jobs.
Mime Types : Lists all "system defined" mime types, and allows you to add/remove your own "user defined" mime types.
Apache Handlers : Setup your own Apache Handlers.
Open PGP Keys : A tool for secure online communication.
Hotlink Protection : Disallow others from linking directly to images or multimedia files in your account.



Why's Hosting ?

99.9% Network uptime
24 x 7 Customer Support
Reliable, Quality Hosting Services
High End Network with Multiple Backbones
Innovative Packages
Special Pricing
Anonymity Guarantee !


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